5 Reasons to Choose Project Management as Your Major in College

Choosing a degree in project management can help you find employment in a wide variety of fields ranging from marketing to construction. Project managers are in high-demand in a number of different industries and you can get in on this lucrative and challenging career path that will teach you to get organized, manage your time more effectively, improve your communication skills and give you the know-how to make quick decisions when the pressure is on. These are valuable skills to have even if you’re not immediately sure what your plans for the future hold, much less which major you want to pursue right now. But if you’re contemplating project management as an educational pursuit, here are five reasons why that’s a great choice.

1. Increased Demand

Even if you’re thinking about a change in career goals and considering an online project management degree, you may want to pull the trigger now. Project managers have never been more sought after in today’s business world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a nearly 20% rate of growth for project management-related jobs between now and the year 2020. This boom means in employment means more opportunities to find the position you really want and earning a top salary.

2. Learning Valuable Skills for Life

Project management skills aren’t just ideal for giving yourself a greater competitive edge in today’s job market. They can also provide you with the tools for managing every aspect of your life. Project managers are all about being organized, building a framework for tackling any task set before them. Whether it’s managing your time and resources completing a project on deadline or simply keeping your personal life on track, a project manager knows how to accomplish anything he or she has set out to do.

3. Effective Collaboration

Teamwork is a fundamental component of everyday life. It’s a vital part of working at any organization, big or small, and those employees who understand how to work with others for the effective completion of any project to meet a deadline will find themselves on the fast track to success. Project management will prepare you for working alongside others to exchange ideas and devise strategies that allow each individual to participate in a manner that reflects his or her strengths and keeping all stakeholders focused on the same common goals.

4. Higher Salary

Project managers who graduate from UC Santa Barbara find themselves well compensated in just about any industry that select. The median income for a project manager is around $90,000 per year but those numbers can fluctuate based on the field in which you work and the level of responsibility that you are given by an employer.

5. Open Doors to Numerous Industries

Project management can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities and many students choose this major if they are still undecided as to the type of career goal they wish to pursue. This is a degree that can prepare you to work in any field and shows potential employers that you have the type of abilities they are seeking in a candidate.



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