Some Important Points to Know Before Writing an Essay

In everybody’s academic career, essays are an integral part. Essays are an integral part of academic education, anywhere! This short article will explain some guidelines in creating a quality essay. You may be improvising but the basics are explained here. We hope you can gain some benefits from this article. Let’s check them out!

Researching topics

This is an early stage before typing a single word. You can not be arbitrary in choosing a topic since an essay is a paper that deals with real problems. You should know that essays do not accept imaginative themes. If there is a phrase that best describes the essay, it is a provocative paper on how the author views a fact or a real phenomenon. You can choose two kinds of sources; Primary and secondary, all depending on the type of task assigned.

Do not ignore facts and claims against your idea

Yes! Essay is such provocative paper but every good essay can not ignore facts and ideas that oppose the author’s idea. This is the basic law that is often forgotten by many amateur essayists. They think that by simply putting up supporting facts they can make their essay look more credible. Big wrong! Don’t ever do that.


You can learn how to properly analyze essays. An essay is a collection of analyzes performed on the basis of scientific principles. You may need to mimic some of the popular essay analyzes you know. Prioritize a well-structured analysis. You may be able to use some “informal” words but you still have to write in structured form.

Bring out arguments

Every argument should be put forward in polite words. You are not allowed to use “harsh words” even if you feel that they can echo your message. Do not argue without foundation because essays are not essays that are completely free of everything. Each argument should have a scientific basis.

Make a conclusion

This is the cover section that describes the entire essay you created. Making this ending part can not be done carelessly or you will undermine what you have written in the previous paragraphs. Use persuasive touches that encourage every reader to agree with your views.

Once you can understand and do some of the above points then you will not feel nervous when someone asks you, “please write my essay for me“.


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