What Can You Do With a College Degree in Music?

Most people who pursue a degree in music have designs on performing someday. But that’s not the only career path available for those who wish to major in music at Chicago State University. There are plenty of graduates who go on to have long and illustrious careers in just about every facet of the music industry including the business, technology, marketing and management, or recording fields. Teaching is also a large part of working in the industry, imparting wisdom on others whose dreams can only be fulfilled through music. Many professors provide courses to get a master’s in music education online.

Today’s musicians also perform both in the studio and on stage. Some can make a comfortable and lucrative living just by playing an instrument. Others will work a variety of other jobs within a number of different fields in the music industry to make ends meet. If you have a passion for music, pursuing a degree can put you on the road to success and open a multitude of doors that allow you to find your true calling. Like any profession, a degree only provides you with the prerequisite tools that give you the education necessary to work in your chosen field. A music degree can prepare you for almost any career in the industry, but it’s up to you to supplement that education with internships and apprenticeships that can make it easier to pursue these and other career paths.

Artists & Repertoire

Better known as A&R, you can work as a talent scout for a record label or an administrative assistant in an A&R department. It gives you the ability to find the next big star and cultivate his or her talent while making a whole lot of money for the label who signed that act before anyone got to them.

Concert Promoter

How much do you love going to concerts? Why not be the person who organizes those concerts as well? Some of the top promoters can make millions putting on tours for the biggest names in the industry. A degree in music can teach you the business side of the industry and show you how concert promotions work.

Film Composer

John Williams and Hans Zimmer have become household names as two of the most prolific film composers of all time. But you don’t just have to create music for films, TV shows, video games, and commercials need scores as well. If you’re in high demand within the industry, you can pick and choose your projects, all while building relationships with filmmakers.

Instrument Sales

You can open your own business selling music and related gear to musicians from the bedroom dreamers to the biggest names in the business. Depending on the type of sales you choose, you may also perform demos to potential clients from retailers to nonprofit organizations.

Music Therapy

Music has long been considered a viable form of therapy to help people suffering from a wide range of afflictions, diseases, and disabilities. You can work with patients in helping them overcome anxieties, relieve depression, or rehabilitate after a major health-related incident.


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