What’s a ULU Knife For?

The Alaskan ulu blade, articulated OO-loo, is also known as a rocker knife or mezzaluna knife. They have a long history in Alaska, 4,000 to 5,000 years or even more. The earliest one I’ve personally seen was dated to 1,000 B.C., which had attractive ivory take care of and also a blade of slate. As old as it was, it was still rather capable of the many tasks it was made to do. It has actually survived the examination of time due to its ergonomic layout as well as its capability to perform an extremely wide variety of jobs. It is created to fit your hand as well as puts the pressure straight on top of the blade. The ulu knife is unrivaled in ease of use as well as flexibility. It has actually only enhanced with time, with an extra comfortable handle, a top-notch stainless steel blade, accuracy developing, as well as contemporary design consisting of some laser etchings.

Usings the ulu is substantial, from a full dressing of huge to small game to cleaning as well as filleting fish, to embroidery, and also certainly, a wide variety of cooking area jobs, cutting, mincing, chopping, dicing, etc. When you include an effectively fitted slicing bowl, it takes kitchen tasks to an entire brand-new level, simply dice your veggies and also start rocking that knife, just make certain you don’t dice it also great!

Special Considerations:
One of its biggest properties is its impairment of kindness. Whether you suffer arthritis, carpal passage, nerve or wrist pain, or even partial loss of a limb, one design or another of these knives will assist make kitchen area tasks less complicated or, perhaps, feasible once more!

Usage and Treatment:
Do not soak in water or clean in the dishwashing machine! Hand laundries in cozy water utilizing care around the side of the blade as the ulu is recognized for preserving its intensity. Dry well or allow or to completely dry well prior to putting away. Apply vegetable oil or mineral oil as needed to maintain take care of, stand and/or bowl moist and make sure lengthy life and also much joy with your ulu things.